Salem News

Thursday, 10 a.m.
at Newell Stadium, Gloucester

All-time series: Gloucester 37-16
Recent streaks: The home team has won each of the last four games in the series, with Danvers picking up the most recent win, 41-27, last year. The Falcons are searching for a second straight win over Gloucester, something they haven’t done since 1993-94.

Leading rushers: DANVERS: Matt McCarthy (74 carries, 460 yards, 4 TDs), Tahg Coakley (67 carries, 370 yards, 6 TDs), Justin Mullaney (65 carries, 243 yards, 4 TDs); GLOUCESTER: Jan Pena-Ortiz (100 carries, 671 yards, 5 TDs), Ryan Argentino (86 carries, 443 yards, 6 TDs), Marc Smith (51 carries, 353 yards, 3 TDs).
Leading passers: DANVERS: Justin Mullaney (72-for-141, 860 yards, 8 TDs);

GLOUCESTER: Matt Smith (12-for-41, 210 yards, 2 TDs).
Leading receivers: DANVERS: Colby Holland (31 catches, 332 yards, 1 TD), Tahg Coakley (19 catches, 206 yards, 2 TDs), Matt McCarthy (10 catches, 205 yards, 1 TD); GLOUCESTER: Ollie Emerson (8 catches, 166 yards, 1 TD), Marc Smith (5 catches, 87 yards, 1 TD) Jan Pena-Ortiz (2 catches, 77 yards, 2 TDs).
Intangibles: Thursday’s game looks like a matchup of strength vs. strength as both squads will attempt to control the clock and ride its physicality to a victory … Both teams run ball control offenses, but Danvers throws about twice as much as Gloucester does. In last year’s Thanksgiving win, the passing game helped lead the Falcons to an early lead and a eventual comfortable win … Offensively, both teams like to spread the wealth as Danvers relies on Matt McCarthy and Tahg Coakley, while Gloucester will ride all four of its backs, including quarterback Matt Smith … While the Fishermen share the load, junior Jan Pena-Ortiz has established himself as the team’s go-to back. He has led the team in rushing a team high six times this season … Colby Holland and captain Zach Dillon are tied with a team-leading 62 tackles for Danvers, with Justin DiTomaso close behind with 56 … Franco Abbatessa has a team-leading nine tackles-for-loss for the Falcons. Almany Vargas leads the club with four sacks, while Matt McCarthy has the same number of interceptions.
Danvers seniors: Franco Abbatessa, OT/LB; Andrew Brennan, OL/DL; Tahg Coakley, WR/DB; Dominic Colella, TE/DL; Zach Dillon, TE/LB; Isaac Downs, TE/DB; Colby Holland, RB/DB; Kyle Hopkins, OL/DL; Justin Mullaney, QB; Matt Reidy, WR/DB.
Gloucester seniors: Cody Burke, TE/CB; Ollie Emerson, TE/LB; Kevin Gabriele, G/DE; Carlos Hernandez, G/DE; John John Mondello, RB/LB; Brandon Rivera, SE/CB; A.J. Romeo-Oliver, RB/CB; Tony Petrilli, DT; Ryan Sanfilippo, OL/DL; Matt Smith, QB/S.

No. Pos. Name Year
11 WR Matt Reidy Sr.
50 LT Franco Abbatessa Sr.
54 LG Andrew Brennan Sr.
55 C Tom Walfield Soph.
51 RG Andrew Chronis Fr.
57 RT Ron Remotigue Jr.
5 WR Matt McCarthy Jr.
2 QB Justin Mullaney Sr.
21 FB Colby Holland Sr.
7 TB Tahg Coakley Sr.

No. Pos. Name Year
50 DE Franco Abbatessa Sr.

55 NT Tom Walfield Soph.
57 DE Ron Remotigue Jr.
12 OLB Justin DiTomaso Jr.
43 ILB Alex Lemmi Jr.
10 ILB Zach Dillon Sr.
3 OLB Almany Vargas Jr.
5 CB Matt McCarthy Jr.
1 CB Ezra Lombardi Soph.
21 SS Colby Holland Sr.
7 FS Tahg Coakley Sr.

No. Pos. Name Year
2 TE Ollie Emerson Sr.
61 T Ryan Sanfilippo Sr.
52 G Kevin Gabriele Sr.
60 C Joseph Ciarametaro Jr.
58 G Carlos Hernandez Sr.
64 T Noah Benson Jr.

7 SE Cody Burke Sr.
32 WB Marc Smith Jr.
8 RB Ryan Argentino Jr.
28 RB Jan Pena-Ortiz Jr.
13 QB Matt Smith Sr.

No. Pos. Name Year
58 DE Carlos Hernandez Sr.
5 DT Tony Petrilli Sr.
61 DT Ryan Sanfilippo Sr.
52 DE Kevin Gabriele Sr.
21 LB Harry Marshall Soph.
8 LB Ryan Argentino Jr.
2 LB Ollie Emerson Sr.
24 CB Brandon Rivera Sr.
17 S A.J. Romeo-Oliver Sr.
32 S Marc Smith Sr.
28 CB Jan Pena-Ortiz Jr.